Owing to the Innovation and demand soar in emerging markets, personalized medicine and technological advances, rising costs, payers, influence over treatment decisions and last but not the least, the growing role of philanthropy, hospitals are no longer the “core business” of health care. They are in the process of being replaced by organizations that can provide primary care, health promotion, and chronic disease management. In such a trend, providing enhanced services and effectively manage hospitals has become a major concern today.

The drivers which can set this trend correct and reinvent hospitals are

  • Cost containment
  • New forms of payment
  • Technological developments
  • Consumer preferences
  • Health care reform efforts

The biggest impediment that may create hurdles for these drivers to be adopted is data or the lack of it. Seamless integration of data from various sources, giving rise to quantifiable information, can be the panacea in providing the necessary platform for re-growth of Hospitals. This is where Health-e comes into picture.

Features & Specifications

Health-e is a completely integrated suite of solutions designed for the hospitals to manage scientific information as well as the treatment modalities offered by more than 10 departments. The application can manage all the patient details and their easiness to deal with paper works, manual operations were not a lucrative option.

Core Principles of Health-e

  • Easy to use and implement
  • Extensive use of hot keys
  • Easy to configure to suit the specific needs of the Healthcare provider – be it a clinic, hospital or a multi-center implementation.
  • Provide advanced EMR features complete with patient information
  • Faculty connecting model to reduce time lag in readmissions
  • Integration with external systems like PACS Systems, Lab Auto analyzers, Bar Code, Smart Card, RFID, Biometric, ERP Systems etc.
  • Complete hospital suite serving each department’s work processes
  • Accurate, electronically stored medical record of the patient.
  • Modeled on a unique combination of a 'patient and medical staff centric' approach
  • Easy access to query data to generate varied records, including classification


  • Registration
  • Outpatient Management
  • Inpatient Management
  • Duty Rooster
  • Billing
  • Payroll
  • Bed Management
  • Diet & Kitchen
  • Account
  • Communication
  • HR Tool
  • Pharmacy
  • Set Up
  • Upload Registration
  • Patient Information Report
  • Admission Report
  • Referral Report
  • OT Report
  • Discharge Report
  • Feedback Report
  • Treatment Records
  • Personal Records
  • Registration Reports
  • Outpatient Reports
  • Inpatient Reports
  • Billing Reports
  • Exceptional Reports
  • Management Reports