Finance & Accounting


Making smart financial decisions is more difficult and critical than ever. Do you have the tools you need to ensure that your organization’s mission will be carried out in the coming months, years, and decades? Adopt a business-oriented approach toward managing organizational finances with our financial management and nonprofit accounting software. We will help you increase efficiency with the tools you need to succeed in today’s economic climate.

Over years of research and development went into making our product one of best accounting software. With Financial Accounting product, we’re bringing this thorough understanding of the unique needs and desires of nonprofits to the cloud, delivering a whole new level of performance and accessibility. Reliable, intuitive, and fully-integrated, our all-in-one solution brings you the most advanced technology and powerful tools to empower transparency, stewardship, and compliance.

Features & Modules

    Financial Accounting product delivers the same unparalleled grant management, reporting, budgeting, and expense management as its predecessor but with improved data accuracy and dramatically reduced manual processes and duplicative entry.

  • General Ledger:Use a flexible, user-defined account structure for easy set up and intuitive review. Maintain traditional fund structures you choose, and meet reporting requirements
  • Project, Grant, and Endowment Management:Extra levels of tracking make it simple to separate and report on activity for all your projects and programs without creating complex account structures
  • Allocation Management:Benefit from automatic mechanisms for direct and indirect allocations, as well as reallocations
  • Reports:Fast, flexible reporting in the cloud allows you to customize formats to your needs and access critical information on the spot.
  • Budget Management:Build complicated budgets with ease while managing multiple years, scenarios, and programs on any time periods.
  • Accounts Receivable: Track individual clients, organizations, and funding sources separately.
  • Accounting Queue:Schedule a sequence of tasks that can be executed automatically and unattended.
  • WebInvoicing and WebPurchasingExchange information, manage invoice requests, approve expenses, and initiate workflows in real-time through an integrated online portal.
  • Accounts Payable:Make payments easier and more efficient, using whatever method you deem best.
  • Cash Management: Manage multiple accounts, and make payment adjustments, account activity, and bank reconciliation with ease.
  • Purchase Orders:Attendance ManagementTrack the order process from the initial requisition through generation of accounts payable invoices.